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MR of Houston-Northeast offers Permanent Placement and Right Fit Services to help solve clients' staffing and candidates' needs.

MR of Houston-Northeast is an integral part of the MRINetwork™ with more than 1,000 offices in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Permanent Placement Solutions

Compatibility Assessment

SelecSys Job and Personality Profiles give you an idea of what the candidate is like based on a short survey.

Industry-Specific "Neighborhoods"

MRI's "Recruiter Village" at MRINetwork™ recruiters within a specific niche industry, a "neighborhood", via MRI's Intranet site. Members are able to collaborate with each other toward a common goal - to find the ideal candidate for your position.

Relocation Services

Sooner or later, every professional faces the relocation question. If you're prepared, the decision to move or stay put can be relatively uncomplicated.

  • Review the factors that are important to your career and your spouse or family.
  • Are you open to relocation
  • Are there places you'd prefer, places you'd rule out?
  • Would you consider a position outside the US?
  • Is geography more important than, say, compensation or job satisfaction or growth potential?

Relocation Services can help you relocate with a portfolio of useful relocation tools:

  • A detailed cost of living analysis of over 500 cities
  • General information on communities where you might live
  • A current file on preferred realtors & preferred mortgage lenders
  • Current information on 401(k) retirement rollover and tax information
  • Salary Calculator
  • Spouse relocation program
  • Click here  to view our relocation tools
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